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Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormones

Almost 370 million people worldwide have Diabetes Mellitus in various stages.

Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Bariatric Surgery

Obesity itself can be considered as disease as well as underlying cause of many diseases.

General Medicine

Is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

Dermatology, Aesthetics

Age leaves its traces everywhere, as we get older our skin loses its defense against wind, weather, sun, and oxygen deficiency.

Gynecology, Cosmetic Gynaecology

Gynaecology is the care of the female reproductive system including contraception, the investigation and treatment of menstrual problems, sexual problems, infertility, problems relating to the menopause...


Get Your Life Back!
To relieving pain, restoring function, and implementing cures for a range of conditions affecting the spine.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery concerned with the repair of deformities and the correction of functional deficits.

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi

    Physician Endocrinologist, Diabetologist,
    Antiaging Specialist and Obesity Consultant.
    (Expert in Management of Obesity, Andropause, Menopause, Sexual dysfunction, Aging and Other Hormonal Issues.)

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  • Dr. Asmita Deepak Chaturvedi
    M.B.B.S; M.D.(Medicine)

    Consultant Diabetologist, Cardiologist & Consultant Physician.
    (Special Interest in Diabetes management and non-invasive Cardiology)

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  • Dr. Vrushali Rane Khan
    M.B.B.S., D.V.D., D.N.B., (Dermatology)

    Consultant Dermatologist

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  • Dr. Rashmi Gaikwad
    B.A.M.S. M.D. (A.M.)

    Consultant Physician

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Anjana Multispeciality Clinic ™

  • Address: G-2, Kamleshwar, 40 - Tagore Road,
    Near Asha Parekh Hospital, Santacruz - (west),
    Mumbai, India - 400 054
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  • Monday - Saturday 10 am to 8.30 pm
  • Sunday - Closed